Eagle Sky of The Ozarks Ladies Retreat - Christmas Reclaimed


Dates: November 21 – 23, 2024

  • 3-Days & 2-Nights
  • Meals & Lodging Included

Keynote Speaker: Ashley Pritchett

Praise & Worship: TBA

Price: Starting $205


  • Cookie Decorating
  • Craft Giving Ideas
  • Dessert Bar
  • Gift Wrapping Ideas
  • Hot Chocolate Jar Making
  • Ornament Decorating
  • Recipe Exchange
  • Table Decorating
  • Wreath Making

Christmas Reclaimed

Join us for an enchanting experience at the “Christmas Reclaimed” Ladies Retreat at Eagle Sky of The Ozarks from Thursday, November 21st, through Saturday, November 23rd, 2024. This retreat is all about creating new traditions and rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas. It features uplifting insights from our keynote speaker, Ashley Pritchett, who will share how women play a vital role in shaping the traditions that form lasting family memories.

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with a range of Christmas-themed activities, including live demonstrations and hands-on experiences such as a recipe exchange, gift wrapping ideas, wreath making, cookie decorating, table decorating, a dessert bar, craft giving ideas, hot chocolate jar making, and ornament decorating.

Embrace the true spirit of Christmas and join us for a memorable experience at Christmas Reclaimed Ladies Retreat!  Register now for a weekend to help you create traditions that will shape your family for generations to come!

Keynote Speaker

Ashley Pritchett

Hey, I’m Ashley Pritchett. It’s my joy to partner with churches, women’s ministries, youth camps, and events to introduce people to the good news of the gospel and encourage them in their commission to take it to the ends of the earth.

I’ve served for 15 years in youth ministry, women’s ministry, as a staff pastor and currently as an executive pastor. I’m credentialed both as an Assemblies of God minister and a licensed professional counselor and most recently as a certified Go & Tell Galls coach. My favorite work involves helping women in leadership boldly step into their calling through 1-1 and cohort coaching!

In addition to local church ministry, I serve as the female presbyter and facilitate the Network of Women Ministers in Southern Missouri. I’m so passionate about activating both men and women to walk in their God-given calling.

And most importantly, I’m a mom to Sam and Olivia and a wife to Josh. Together #teampritchett endeavors to serve in ministry as a family making a kingdom difference & memories along the way!

Praise & Worship

Nadia Yates

Twenty-four-year-old International Gospel recording artist Nadia Yates has been performing since she was just five years old. She appeared on the popular reality show ” America’s Got Talent” when she was nine years old along with her two equally talented brothers Michael & Avery Cole.

The siblings known as Voices Of Glory rose above 100,000 contestants to finish as the top five finalists. Nadia was a standout and adored by millions around the globe as they watched the nine-year-old grace the stage with such beauty and confidence that matched perfectly with her stunning dresses and powerful voice.

Both judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne were in awe of Nadia’s performances with Piers Morgan going as far as calling Nadia a “Star” and Sharon Osbourne repeatedly saying “Nadia you’re very special” and special she is.

Since appearing on America’s Got Talent Nadia has won multi-awards and has performed in over 500+ live shows including shows at Madison Square Garden, Grand Olé Opera, Major League, and NFL stadiums, as well as a stint in Europe.

Nadia and her brothers also signed a contract with Jimmy Osmond to perform a 100 + shows at the famous Andy William’s Moon River Theatre beginning in March 2018 in Branson Missouri. Nadia Yates is classy and beautiful with a very old soul, she has been mentioned in the same breath as multi-Grammy award winner Whitney Houston and the amazing Ella Fitzgerald.

Nadia gives all the glory to God for her life & gifts and is grateful to her family for their support as she continues her career as an independent artist.


Thurs, Nov. 21, 2024

3:00 – 5:00 PM • Check-in

6:00 PM • Dinner

7:00 PM • Session 1

8:30 PM • Festivities

10:00 PM • Return to Cabins

Fri, Nov. 22, 2024

7:00 AM • Snack Shop & Coffee

8:00 AM • Breakfast

9:30 AM • Workshops

12:00 PM • Lunch

1:00 PM • Snack Shop & Camp Store

2:00 PM • Workshops

5:30 PM • Dinner

6:30 PM • Festivities

7:00 PM • Session 2

8:15 PM • Merry Sweets Dessert Table & Coffee Bar

10:00 PM • Return to Cabins

Sat, Nov 23, 2024

8:00 AM • Breakfast

9:00 AM • Christmas Joy

11:00 AM • Check-out

*Schedule subject to changes.

Dorm-Style Lodging

Eagle Sky’s North Camp Cabins beckon with their unique blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these beautiful log cabins offer a cozy retreat for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

Inside, the cabins boast custom-built log-style bunks, creating a warm and authentic atmosphere. The unique design of each bunk adds a touch of character, making your stay a truly distinctive one. The North Camp Cabins provide a setting that feels both welcoming and uniquely memorable.

For moments of connection and relaxation, the cabins feature a meeting room adorned with a fireplace. This space becomes a focal point for intimate gatherings, fostering camaraderie among guests. Picture yourself unwinding by the crackling fire, surrounded by the comfort of the log cabin’s interior.

Step outside onto the second-level deck, where rocking chairs await. Here, you can soak in the breathtaking views of the lake, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. It’s a perfect spot to unwind, reflect, and enjoy the simple pleasures of lakeside living.

The large bathrooms on the lower level of each cabin provide a unique blend of convenience and comfort. Featuring multiple stalls, a private shower area, and several sinks, these facilities ensure that your stay is both practical and enjoyable.

Experience the camaraderie and connection that dorm-style accommodations offer. The North Camp Cabins provide a setting where shared spaces create opportunities for meaningful interactions, making your retreat a truly communal experience.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the log-style bunks, the warmth of the fireplace, or the picturesque views from the rocking chairs on the deck, the North Camp Cabins invite you to embrace the distinctive charm of Eagle Sky of The Ozarks. It’s more than just a retreat; it’s an invitation to create lasting memories in a setting that feels like home.


  • Bed Configuration: Custom-built log-style bunks for shared sleeping environment
  • Occupancy: Designed for multiple occupants
  • Setup: Perfect for those seeking a vibrant and interactive retreat experience
  • Linens: Bedding and linens are not included in Dorm-Style accommodations. Guests are kindly requested to bring their own towels, sheets for twin sized bedding, pillow, and blankets or sleeping bag for a comfortable stay

Hotel-Style Lodging

The East Camp Cabins at Eagle Sky of The Ozarks offer a delightful retreat experience in a setting of beautiful log craftsmanship and pine tongue and groove. This exquisite detail not only adds a touch of rustic elegance but also infuses warmth and a cozy ambiance into the stay.

Each cabin features a welcoming common area with ample seating, a loft for relaxation, and a fully equipped kitchen complete with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and microwave. The dining area, complemented by two full-size tables, provides the perfect setting for shared meals.

The main level comprises four hotel-style rooms, thoughtfully designed to include a king-size bed, three bunk beds, and two vanity sinks just outside the two bathrooms, which are equipped with a sink, shower, and toilet. Each main-level room is capable of accommodating eight occupants.

The second level comprises two hotel-style rooms. These rooms feature one king-size bed and two bunk beds, creating a cozy and accommodating space. The rooms have a vanity and sink, and the attached bathrooms include a vanity sink, shower, and toilet. This thoughtful setup further adds to the overall comfort and convenience of the cabin experience.

In addition to these amenities, each room includes a chair and a convenient Keurig pod-style coffee maker, enhancing the comfort and convenience of the stay.

Each East Camp Cabin boasts a deck across the front, offering a breathtaking view of the lake. Equipped with rocking chairs, the deck provides the perfect spot to relax and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings. It’s a wonderful addition that enhances the overall experience, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of nature right from their cabin.

Single Occupancy

  • Bed Configuration: One king bed
  • Occupancy: Designed for one occupant
  • Setup: Ideal for a single guest seeking comfort and privacy
  • Linens: Linens, bedding, pillows, and towels are provided for your convenience in hotel-style accommodations. Guests can expect a comfortable and well-prepared environment during their stay

Double Occupancy

  • Bed Configuration: One king bed and one lower bunk bed
  • Occupancy: Designed for two occupants
  • Setup: Perfect for a pair of guests seeking shared accommodations
  • Linens: Linens, bedding, pillows, and towels are provided for your convenience in hotel-style accommodations. Guests can expect a comfortable and well-prepared environment during their stay

Triple + Occupancy

  • Bed Configuration: One king bed and up to three bunk beds
  • Occupancy: Capable of accommodating up to 8 occupants
  • Setup: Ideal for a smaller group with a mix of a king bed and bunk beds
  • Linens: Linens, bedding, pillows, and towels are provided for your convenience in hotel-style accommodations. Guests can expect a comfortable and well-prepared environment during their stay


What are the ages for the Women's Retreat?
The Women’s Retreat is open to participants ages 16 and up.
Are hotel-style rooms limited, and how do I coordinate bunking in double or triple rooms?
Yes, hotel-style rooms are limited. If you are in a double or triple (up to 6 people) room, and want to bunk with someone specific, please email with the names of those bunking with you.
Can I bring my own food or snacks?
Meals are provided as part of the retreat package. Outside food may not be necessary, but participants are welcome to bring personal snacks if they have specific dietary preferences or restrictions.  We discourage snacks in the bunk areas to help reduce unwanted guests.  
Is there a cancellation policy for retreats?
Yes, we have a cancellation policy in place. Details about cancellations, refunds, and any associated fees can be found while registering.
What is included in the registration price?
The registration price includes lodging, meals, and all activities.  There is a camp store for merchandise and a snack shop for coffee, sodas, and snacks.  Please bring cash or a major credit card for those purchases.
Are there any special requirements for the activities?
While most activities suit a wide range of participants, some may have specific requirements or restrictions. Please check the activity details for any prerequisites or limitations.
Are the retreats suitable for all fitness levels?
Yes, our retreats are designed to accommodate a range of fitness levels. Activities can be adapted to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.
Can I request a special accommodation for dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. We strive to accommodate dietary restrictions or special requests. Please provide details when registering, and feel free to email our director of food service at

Do I need to bring linens for the retreat?
Hotel-style rooms come with provided linens. For dorm-style accommodations, participants need to bring twin-sized bedding and a towel for showering.
What is the schedule like for a typical day during the retreat?
The daily schedule includes a mix of activities, teachings, praise and worship, breakouts, meal times, and free time. A detailed itinerary will be provided closer to the retreat date.
Is transportation provided to and from the retreat location?
Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from the retreat location.
Can I come alone or is the retreat only for church groups?
Whether you come with a group from church or venture solo, prepare for an unforgettable time filled with community and connection.