Need to get away for a few days? Visit Eagle Sky for a retreat and choose how you spend your time. Schedule your desired dates, choose which meals you want, and pick from available activities. Maybe you are just looking for a comfortable place to simply recharge your batteries. No problem, you can schedule a retreat just for relaxing, and enjoying the breathtaking landscape God has created.

Pastor’s Retreat

Join us October 27th-30th for Eagle Sky’s Pastor Retreat. We love giving Pastors time and space to get away from all the distractions to fellowship, worship, have fun, and recharge with some quality time with the Lord. For more information and questions
Call us: 573-287-3288 or Email us: office@eaglesky.camp

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At Eagle Sky, our Retreat options are very different than our programmed camps during the summer. However, many of those incredible activities are available to be rented for any and all of our retreat groups. Call us at 573 287 3288 today for more information on all available retreat activities available. 


Group Pricing

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Campers and Camp Leaders alike will love our lodging facilities. Our Tri-Plex facilities are air conditioned, have plenty of restrooms and are full of some of the most comfortable camp beds you will ever sleep on. Each lodge features a dining room and a meeting room. Cabin areas feature all the comforts of home and then some!

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