My child doesn't know anyone coming in, will they feel included and make friends?
Absolutely! We prioritize creating an inclusive environment where every camper is seen, heard, and valued. Our counselors are trained to identify campers who may feel isolated, and we facilitate daily small group sessions, cabin time, and team activities to foster friendships. It’s common for campers to arrive knowing no one and leave with lasting bonds.
My child is young and shy, will they still have the opportunity to participate in Rec games?
Yes! Our Rec games are designed to accommodate all campers, including those who might be shy or younger. We structure the games to involve everyone, ensuring each camper can shine regardless of their age or athletic prowess.
Will my child be safe at camp?
Certainly! We’ve established a robust security team that regularly patrols the campgrounds, ensuring the safety and comfort of all campers. Our 24-hour-manned Guard Shack guarantees round-the-clock protection.
Is my camper allowed to bring their phone?
Campers are encouraged to leave their phones behind to immerse themselves in the camp experience fully. The absence of distractions allows them to engage with nature, have fun, and engage in meaningful conversations.
Is this shirt inappropriate?
If you’re uncertain about an article of clothing, it’s best to leave it at home. We prioritize creating a comfortable environment for all campers, avoiding anything that might offend or hinder their engagement with the camp’s values.
Is there a way to be in contact with my camper during the week?
Absolutely! We offer a communication tool called Bunk1, which enables you to send messages to your camper during their stay. You can even receive responses, ensuring you stay connected throughout their time at camp.
My child has severe food allergies, will there be food available for them?
Certainly! Our skilled Kitchen staff ensures that all campers have suitable meal options, even with food allergies. We provide alternative choices for each meal and maintain a fruit/salad bar for added variety.
Is my child allowed to bring medications with them?
No, all medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, should be handed over to the Camp Nurse during the Registration process. Our nursing staff manages medication distribution during meals and is available at the Health Center at all times.
What kind of clothes should my child pack?
A comprehensive packing list is available on our website. Key items include comfortable walking shoes, clothes suitable for outdoor activities, a one-piece swimsuit, and a water bottle.
Will my camper be challenged?
Absolutely! Campers are presented with physical, mental, and spiritual challenges throughout the week. The camp environment encourages them to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and grow in various aspects of their lives.